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How do I join an optimist club?

 Club members are adults who are sponsored by members of the club, who are in good-standing with the club, district and International.  Membership invitations are extended to member prospects by current members or the membership committee.  The membership committee reviews and makes recommendations to the club Board of Directors whether or not to accept the new member.  Final approval is determined by the Board.


What is the cost of membership?

 Our club individual registration fee is currently $30.00.  For transfer members and in some cases, former members, the fee may be reduced.  Our monthly dues are $6.00, paid quarterly.  Members are encouraged to support club activities in some cases donate what they wish to support programs like the Optimist International Foundation, club scholarships, and childhood cancer prevention research.


How will the club benefit me?

 Personal development is a large part of the participation in the club.  Resources are made available to members that can benefit them in their personal, business, social and community life.  Service projects adopted and supported by the club benefit the entire community.  We are especially proud of our record in the personal growth and development of young people.  Members will be part of the planning and participation of varied activities which lead to member and club success.  We prize the fellowship and social participation of our members and volunteers.